Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream, but in English, it has come to mean specifically Italian or Italian-style ice cream, it is made from natural ingredients with no synthetic flavours or essences.

It is generally lower in fat approx. 4% compared to the industrial ice cream which contains 10% or more.

Gelato has only 35% of “Over Run” (Quantity of air in the product) which means it has less air content and more product more flavouring giving it a density end richness that distinguishes it from industrial ice cream, which is having an “Over Run” of 80% to 100%.

Gelato it is hand made and therefore it is an artisan high end gourmet product. Gelato has redefined the ice cream eating culture worldwide. Because it is a natural, fresher and a more nutritious, low fat version of industrial ice cream, people are substituting it and indulging in it instead of ice cream.

Gelato, made with a base of milk cream, sugar end flavoured with fruit or other flavouring is 100% Vegetarian.