About Us

About Daima Delights

Located in Delhi Daima Delights Pvt Ltd is involved in importing from Italy premium quality products and equipments for making fresh artisanal gelato in original Italian Style.

We are authorized distributor of PreGel, Ice Staff System 1959, Valmar, Icetech, Techfrost, Clabo Group, Orion, FB, Easybest.

We pride our success on great customers service, delicious, quality products, and top-notch resources that enable us to best serve our customers.

Do you dream to open your own gelato parlour or becoming a gelato maker


  • Build partnership with our suppliers and customers to create mutual value.
  • To provide quality products & services that consistently exceed customers expectations through the use of technology, dedicated and skilled employees and the spirit of team work.


  • To be a great place to work and influence people to be the best they can be.
  • Maintain profitability by maximizing markets, having new products, efficient workforce and processes.
  • Growth through continued market development and acquisitions related to our business model.